The Church Staff at St. Paul's

The Staff at St. Paul's are full or part-time with various responsibilities for supporting and leading ministries with the member of the congregations.

The Rev. Timothy Muse, Lead Pastor
The Rev. Diana Thompson, Administrative Pastor

Rhonda Ferrall, Secretary

Gina Falconer, Director of Music Ministries
Kathy Sloan, Organist
Brianne Black, Director of Christian Education
Gayle Fiegenschuh, Minister of Communion and Visitation
Jan Lauer, Treasurer
Trudy Mehl, Financial Secretary
John Wolfe, Custodian

Church Council 2020

The Church Council is the leadership board for the congregation. It serves as the decision making body of the congregation between congregational meetings.

Josh Falconer, President
Greg Brookes, Vice President
Nikki Swiger, Secretary
Jan Lauer, Treasurer
Racheal Hays

Mark Himmelein

Marcus Hoopes
Lynda Linhart

Jen May
Austin Mehl

Kathie Menegay
Richard Miller
Jeff Webb